Web Development Technologies and Trends for 2015

New technologies and trends have revolutionized the way we develop websites. As the innovation in technology seems to be only growing, new changes and trends are indeed on the way. Here are some of the best web development technologies and trends that will leave a strong impact this year and beyond that.

Responsive design with better user experienceFeatured image

The popularity of responsive website design is on the rise since 50% of website traffic is originating from different platforms, including tablets, mobile devices, netbooks, iPhones and iPads. It is a must-have feature for all online businesses which can’t be overlooked. As, for increased website traffic a better user experience is necessary!

Innovative front-end framework – React

React is a new UI library introduced by Facebook. When a majority of SPAs (single-page applications) are using the conventional MVC concept, React offers an innovative technique for better user interfaces on client-side. With many challenges faced by web developers, it is time to try something major and enormous. React, when used in Flux pattern, do wonders to a website. Some of the major platforms that use React include Facebook, New York Times, Khan Academy, Instagram etc. React is certainly gaining in popularity, and will soon get a strong position in today’s technology.


With the invention of mobile phone apps, the importance of providing a better user experience has become very crucial. Socket.io is one such technology that has certainly transformed the way app developers create real time apps. It is a node module that enables app developers to build easy to use real time apps without facing major challenges. This node module has been used by popular brands including Trello, Microsoft Office, Yammer, and Zen desk.

The rise of Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used apps around the globe that has outgrown twitter with over 300 million active users. Does this signify the massive growth of Instagram with every passing day? It is predicted that more innovative ways will be seen in regards to image and video sharing. Keep an eye for new trends and innovative development.

New form of JavaScript

JavaScript is a key technology used for SPA development, and therefore, new technologies are being launched every now and then for JavaScript. ECMA Script 6, Angular JS 2.0, and Service Worker are a few technologies to watch out for this year.

These few trends look promising, and are going to be more popular among web and app developers in 2015 and beyond.

Looking to grow your online business with these latest technologies?

There are many companies that already have started using these technologies and trends in their development. Look for one such company for web development in Singapore and walk alongside technology, witness the growth and potential it could bring to your business.

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