WordPress is always preferred by non-tech personnel. This is considered as the best getaway for those who are not sound with any of the code languages. WordPress is a Content Management System which allows its user to build an enticing website with features of interest without any technical knowledge.

This is not the only reason WordPress is always preferred by businesses. It is deemed to give easy content management features that make the customization of a website easy and updating content child’s play. In this post, you will learn the ways to use WordPress without any HTML codes and other coding languages. So, without further ado let’s get you started,

It is Easy to Install WordPress

The installation of WordPress is super easy. All you need to do is click to install it. But before that, you need to choose a domain name and a hosting provider. You can opt for Bluehost or Hostgator. In accordance with your preferences, you can choose your hosting provider. Once you are done with that, you need to choose a preferred domain for your business website or personal blog. The domain must resemble either the name of your business or the nature of your blog/ business.

Most of the hosting providers give you a cpanel. In the CMS section of the cpanel, you can install and activate WordPress with one click. Bam! Just like that.

You Can Easily Customize Your Website

Why is so? Because there are loads of customization options with WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins. All you need to do is install them and activate. They cater your website features and looks to crave for. You can easily add new features such as chatting options, widgets, image effects and many more other features.

That is not it. You can also enhance your website’s security. There are security plugins that are designed and developed for this purpose only. You can install and activate them and then it becomes easy to make your WordPress website attractive and secure.

However, one thing is also to be noticed. When you install too many plugins, your WordPress website becomes slow. So, you might want to consult a WordPress development service to tackle these issues,

WordPress websites are SEO friendly.

The best part of WordPress is that they are SEO friendly websites. There are SEO enhancing features in WordPress and the codes through which WordPress is developed are also SEO enhancing.

Defining meta descriptions, URL, alt text for images are easy. You can enhance your SEO rankings easily without any difficulty. Defining categories and tags are also easy.


So, in a nutshell, WordPress is the best content management system. It is easy to use and customize.

You can consult WordPress experts from Awebstar to properly understand the usage of WordPress. It is deemed as user and developer friendly. A WordPress web services can easily set your website and make it easy for your business to expand at reasonable rates. Get a quote now from Awebstar and start expanding your business.

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I am Morris Edwards Sr. Web Developer in Awebstar Technologies-Web Design Company Singapore. I have completed my Post Graduation From London University and have 12+ years of experience in the same. With 7+ years of experience as Sr. Web developer. As per my love for website designing and development, I want to diversify my knowledge by sharing it with everyone.

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