Top 5 Design Tips to Improve Ad Rank

Online Advertising is of two types- Premium and SEO (free). Both of these techniques work effectively if you know how to implement them. Through SEO activities, digital marketing professionals get traffic and business opportunities free of cost. When they fail to generate sufficient results with the help of SEO, premium advertising comes in the play.

In simple words, premium advertisements are those digital marketing campaigns that are launched by SEO professionals by paying some prices to Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. In return, these web platforms show the placed advertisements in the top search results and allow entrepreneurs to get more business opportunities.

Apart from other factors, the ranking of premium advertisements depends on the visitor’s behavior towards it. If a premium aid fails to catch the attention of the targeted audience, naturally Google will consider this factor and show it in its SERP accordingly.

To be frank, design elements play an important role in the success of the premium ad campaigns. A well-designed Ad can make it easier for SEO professionals to optimize the materials for the targeted audience/ search engines, increase its rank in the SERP of different search engines, and reap its business benefits. So, what are the design tips that should be kept in mind while designing premium ads? Let’s see the points mentioned below:

   1. The Readability of Texts

As a matter of fact, the readability of text depends on the choice of the correct font and its linguistic characteristics. If you use fancy fonts in your premium ads, it will strain the eyes of visitors when they try to read the text content of your advertisements. So, just evaluate the readability of the text of your premium ads and make the necessary improvements. It would be better for you to use a professional font for the text content of your ad. It will make it easier for visitors of all age group to easily read the text content and get along with your brand to receive the desired products and services.

   2. Links Must Open in a New Tab

If you wish to direct visitors to the landing page or any other page of your website through premium ads, make it open in a new tab. By doing so, you not only make navigation more convenient but also save a significant amount of traffic on your site. If the original tab of the ad remains open, there are high chances that visitors will return to your site once again to make more than one transaction.

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   3. Compelling Call to Action Buttons

Always remember that premium ads with no proper CTA buttons are of no use. It’s easy to send visitors to the landing page through advertising. But, you will not be able to convert them into a premium customer without having proper CTA buttons. Therefore, ask your web designer to design appropriate CTA buttons a per your needs and place it nicely on your website. It will allow visitors to easily use your website after landing and give more business opportunities to you.

   4. Test the Ad on Mobile devices

As the internet browsing through mobile devices is more than the desktop or laptop, so it is essential for you to know how your premium ads get displayed on different mobile devices. Non-performance of ads on mobile devices means you are likely to lose a significant chunk of business opportunities coming from the small screens. Ask the web developer to make the necessary connections in ads so that it can be displayed well on all mobile devices. You can use the AMP technology for this.

   5. Optimizing Images

Images are important for your website because they make it more pleasing to the eye and help visitors to understand the text content easily. It is very difficult for search engines to perceive them if they are not labeled with the correct ALT tags. So, use high-quality original images related to your business and add the supportive alt tags.

Final Words

Premium ads help entrepreneurs to rank websites in the top search results and gain more business opportunities every day. Web designers and developers can follow the above-mentioned design recommendations to make ads more appealing and professionals and boost its ranking on the web.

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